Measurements 101

Whether you're a life-long collector or brand new to shopping Vintage understanding the basics of tailoring are essential. Luckily it's easy too.


1) Calm down, this isn't meant to be torture. Women's clothing did not always have standard sizing so measurements were essential. 

2) If you do find pieces that have labels indicating size they do not reflect today's sizing. In fact, the Vintage clothing that is your size will likely be at least 2 sizes bigger than you are used to wearing.  So if you are a size 4 in contemporary clothing, your Vintage size is probably a size 8 or 10. This isn't always the case which is why you need to measure!

3) What to wear: We believe a bra and undies are best when measuring yourself. If you want to go to the tailor we suggest you wear something tight enough to give an accurate measurement BUT unless you wear a girdle or Spanx every day, skip them during measurements.

4) Allow for 'ease' when measuring because you will need to be able to move when wearing your Vintage. To allow for 'ease' make sure that you have at least a finger's width or two of wiggle room between you and your measuring tape.



1) All garments are measured 'Flat'. Meaning, that they are measured on a flat surface which also means that only 1/2 of the circumference is measured.

2) To properly account for the full circumference of the garment you will have to DOUBLE the measurements for the Shoulder, Bust and Waist.